Microsoft Dynamics GB A Tool For Effective Business Solutions

erp system from microsoft - baby bæreselerA lot of larger companies out in the world still haven’t embraced the modern wonders of ERP systems such as the Microsoft Dynamics GB and these companies could often boost their sales and business structure in general.
If you are looking for the best business solution to help enhance your marketing strategy and to control your business promptly, then you must be in need of effective business solution. Microsoft Dynamics GB has come to end your trouble when controlling your business and to serve as your best business solution to manage the business. You might spend a lot of time online looking for the best solution to manage your business rightfully; you might get lots of information offered from various companies. Of course, you are searching online and in time you type in “business solution”, you can come up numerous results by using systems such as udklædning or NAV. So, this time, you would end on being puzzled and wondering on which one is the right to pick up. In order about confusion on getting the right business solution, you can check out feedbacks from the customers. Same as the company Baby Bæreseler, one of the biggest producers of baby carriers. In that way, you can get an idea if you have searched the right business tool or solution. Some business operation in the world market has encountered trouble on their management because they have chosen the wrong business solution or business tool. So, we must be attentive in time on picking the right business technique to use before applying it into the overall business.

Both small and midsized businesses and for enterprise business, Microsoft Dynamics GB is your ideal business solution. Of course, this kind of business tool would tailor your needs and wants for your business. It would not simply help you out on some parts of your business but for the overall company. Microsoft dynamics is the appropriate one when it comes to information technology. Microsoft Dynamics GB service would give you at ease and no headache for your enterprise. It doesn’t matter and with no condition on what the size of your business is. If you still have a small business, you can still use it and apply onto your business. Microsoft is the first name that would usually sparks onto our mind when it comes on the world of IT (Information Technology). It quietly offers a wide range of software development being an IT giant as well as the hardware services. When it comes to MS enterprise integration services, Microsoft Dynamics GB solution is an essential part. Microsoft also deals several development platforms, cloud hosting, application re-engineering and WHQL testing.

Business solution will be completed with this kind of software. Microsoft Dynamics GB is the same as other Microsoft Dynamics family. All of them are actually applicable and helpful as your ideal business solution. Allowing you to develop advanced Microsoft business solutions can be getting from Microsoft such as CRM. Also, Microsoft Dynamics GB can be your best business solution choice. You can use dynamics Great Plains to develop any business reporting features and analysis. Microsoft Dynamics GB assists rapid information access and the distribution. Small and midsized business as well as the big one called as enterprise would surely use and benefit from this Microsoft

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The Significance Of Information Gathering

gratis tagtjekInformation is everywhere. When you are getting information, it might be for research, for analysis, for hypothesis or whatever purpose you have, it is important that you will get all the total information you need. Keep in mind that the information you are gathering would help you on whatever plans and preparations that you are about to start. Are you wondering where in the world can writers get their writing ideas? Of course, they will surely get it from their research and this is done by information gathering process. If in time that writers are running out of ideas to write, they must do some research or whatever information gathering patterns. In this way, they can get a few ideas and it is up to them on how they make it broader with technologies such as OLAP, gratis tagtjek or nyttag. Being a writer, I never wondered about how to gather information and realizing myself that I am taking down notes. I asked why I should collect information from the discussion out of curiosity for later use. And the only answer would be for future use and for analysis process to come up important piece of data that I need.

Did you know that good information is the basic requirement to have high quality decision-making? The information you need when you are about on making relevant decision-making, excellence in this stage of making decisions needs that information. With the good information you gathered, you can be cost-effective to evaluate and obtain, you can reduce the risk of the decision which is being made and you will be available at the right time and the right place for making such decisions. When planning on information gathering, the basic thing that you need to do is to figure out the information you need, figuring out how to fill in the gaps with all the best info you will be able to get in time, what information you have and with available resources you have. The importance of information gathering cannot be compared on a plan that is made only by guess or by observation. Keep in mind that you cannot perform such observation without performing information gathering. Another ways to approach this problem is by using tegltag, skifertag or tagpap in order to get to the core of the problem and ensure that you do collect all the data relevant for your project.

Collecting some relevant information is a good tool when you are planning on data analysis. Data analytics will not be conducted without doing information gathering. What will you analyze to come up an applicable data without performing information gathering? Do you think you can have successful data analysis and data mining without using information gathering? Of course, you can do nothing. Notably, information can help a particular small business becomes a large business in the future. No business would become big if the information was not gathered and being analyzed with gratistagtjek. After analyzing information, it would be easy for you to come up ideas that are best for your business. Information gathering really plays a big role for the entire business management, operations and finances. You would not be able to gain a profitable business without doing proper information gathering and effective decision-making. The significance of information gathering is truly remarkable and why the significance of informationn gathering is not something you should overlook.

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Data Analysis For The Future Of Your Business

data analytics for cykler and fastelavnskostumerBeing assigned to handle and manage a particular business is actually like a challenge to consider. A challenge and at the same time a responsibility to face. Once you run a business, you need to be like owl that would have 24 hours eyes opened. But, it doesn’t mean that you have to work all day long. You need to hire a person, a professional one to assign the task that you want to keep track. An overall business has many aspects particularly customers, sales, finance, marketing and many more. Therefore, it is important that you would always care the business. Data is always relevant and helpful when it comes to business management. Business management should always do properly and correctly. Once you manage a business, you are not handling the business and then that’s it. You need to put in mind that business is actually a competition. Though you are not joining a contest to win the price, you still have competitors around. Always consider other business as your contenders. As being said, a business is like a game that you need to win. Once you reach your goal, it means that you are now successful and become productive in the future. One of the most recent companies we did some data analysis for is a site with focus on cycling and sports in general. After a large analysis report they found several keywords would could benefit them quite a bit to rank on and they started a massive SEO campaign with the guys from in order to gain more visibility on those keywords. A few months after they had started their SEO campaign they had already trippled their traffic as they did on

Business Tool
Data analysis is actually a kind of business tool. Once you manage a business, you need to use a business tool to handle any data. Data should be gathered in order to have relevant and applicable information that you help you any decision making. Data analysis is one of the most effective and productive business tools that you can able to use. Many professional business managers have been using the tool and they come up in a single idea like being efficient. Yes, data analysis is not simply reading the data have been gathered and come up any decisions in an instant. There are also some steps that you are able to pass and undergo before coming up a data.

Gathering Data
Gathering data is the first step to do. You have to collect all the data from your business. Once you have collected them all, you are now ready to organize those data and filter them to get the information you need. Also, you would not experience any difficulties when you gather this data because data analysis has a procedure wherein you are do gathering data in simple way. It is important that gather all the data needed because it would give you all the positives and negatives within the company. You are able to analyze well on what would be the best idea and the best to do in managing a business.

Data Analysis
Here comes the last step to come up helpful and relevant information to help decision making. After collecting data, it will be stored into a database. Once it is already stored in a database, it is now be ready for data analysis process. This process is too much important in a business. You will know the flow of your employees, customers, sales, finance and even the status of your marketing level.

With the right data analytics you can ofte find elements on your website or company in general, which can be improved and help you sell more just by analysis the data. Just like they did at paracycling in order to find which keywords they should consider doing seo for. They also found some more technical issues with the site like missing description fields, slow load times and such things which has later been fixed. Same for those buying a quality baby carrier from Baby bæreseler, here they have used analytics and data mining to create the most ergonimic baby carrier possible – Read more

Microsoft AX – Microsoft Dynamics

herre ure and dame ureWe are already aware that there are lots of business tools that can be used as an application to a modern business. However, the microsoft ax is known as being an excellent financial management capability. Yes, it is true that financial management is a hard job without a proper ERP system. But if you try to seek for a professional or a tool for financial management then Microsoft Dynamics AX is one of them. We might say that this management tool is not good if we have not experienced and tried using it as an application to our business. However, there are numerous people who have proven that this kind of financial management capability works excellent and perfectly. Another thing, we might not believe that this is an excellent one because we don’t have the assurance of its quality work. If you try to use it, you will ever regret getting it and use it as an application for your business. It is true that lots of financial applications failed in the business industry but don’t look this one as one of them. You would surely appreciate and satisfied on the end result on using this tool or using any kind of reporting or dashboard tool. A beneficial financial management capability tool will help your business gain more customers and gain more money and profit and let you get a much better idea of how your company is doing right now.

In using microsoft ax, you are getting an excellent business tool to help you management the financial stuffs onto your business as it has the capability that you did not expect. Businessmen and businesswomen might not believe on how this tool can be effective. So, it is important that you have to learn and check first if how it works. In other businesses, they have used the wrong business tool for their business and they spend more money in it. With that reason, they don’t want to get the wrong one for the second time around. It can be more costly if you get the wrong one and you have paid it that long in serving your company but results nothing. You just paid and paid their service but you didn’t find out any improvements to your business. Yes, you might get the wrong financial management capability tool to use but you cannot regret if you get the right one. You would surely not thinking on the payment you spend because you are so much satisfied.

If your business runs a microsoft ax as your tool in your business for financial management, then you are right on your choice. It is important in today’s world that you are sure on the company you are hiring and paying the service because you are spending your money. We experienced crisis in the economy and thus, we have to control our expenses. It is important today that you should pick the right company that you are looking for, so that you would not spend your money many times in a wrong service. The excellent chart used for financial management from Microsoft dynamics ax is truly effective and reliable when it comes on business tool to be used. The danish company Targit have made an excellent BI tool that works really well with microsoft Dynamics AX and enables you to do advanced reporting and dashboard information from these data already in your AX system. This makes it much easier to get the full overview of your companys current situation and can assist in things such as decision support, business performance etc.

Effective Marketing Strategy With Data Mining

advanced data mining for BæreselerI take take a look at the global level and all the way down to the local level, we notice that there are different kinds of businesses in the market. This goes for baby Carrier Parts too, a company making use of big data and analytics. Of course, those businesses are built just to answer the demands of the customers and also for the business owners to gain an income. Companies like DC Supply A/S have been using this for ages. All businesses want to improve their marketing strategy in order to increase the traffic of their customers. Companies such as Pavillon want to have a list of their target audience just to have their goal to achieve. More and more businesses today are having one objective and that is to have an effective and successful business to become competitive. Having a competitive business is great and that would be a good start for your business. Raw data turned into useful information is actually a process done with data mining. This useful information will help any business to come up a perfect marketing strategy for the better good of the business.

This is a kind of software, used by companies like Microsoft, Baby Bæreseler, Container, Pavillon, that will serve as your weapon to look for patterns in large batches of raw data. In time you use the software, you will learn more about their customers and to enhance more using effective marketing strategies and to increase sales as well as to decrease costs. So, you can have the perfect marketing strategy to use. You will no longer have to worry on your marketing strategy because data mining would be the perfect choice. Data mining actually depends on the effective collection of data and warehousing even computer processing. It would be easy on computer processing if you have data mining software. It doesn’t only assist you on the common good of the company but also on the business’s owners. Grocery stores are actually the kind of business that usually used data mining techniques. Supermarkets become popular because of their nice way of offering less prices on their products offered through the use of free loyalty cards.

Tracking cards for container use

The cards are the main use in order to track down the records of the sales on the products offered. Through the use of cards, it can easily track down reports on what are the products usually bought by many customers, who is buying the product and when they buy it. With this information, it would be easy for them to analyze what are the most saleable products and what time usually customers bought certain kind of product. The stores can surely use the data after analyzing it. It would be used for multiple kinds of purposes like deciding when to put the items on sale, offering consumers coupons targeted on their buying habits and also when to sell them at its exact or full price. Data mining is truly excellent when it comes on getting an effective marketing strategy in order to have good sales management. Sales management can be easily managed with this advance software. Many business managers today use this kind of software so that they would not find hard on how to manage the sales of the business. Department stores and supermarkets consider the software as an ideal marketing strategy in order to track down the sales on the products being offered, just take at look at pavillon and the huge sprectum of BI and datamining stuff they offer their customers. Data mining could be a cause of any concern for simply selected information.

This type of software is actually a class of database applications. Especially in the container industri. It will let you look for hidden patterns in a particular group of data. This group of data will be used on predicting the future behavior. Did you know that data mining is perfect to retail companies look for customers with the same or common interests? Actually, data mining doesn’t change anything in the presentation. It specifically presents data you discovered. It turned to be popular in the mathematical and science fields. It also used by more and more marketers because of its efficacy. One use of this is for instance DC Supply in their mobile kitchen use.

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Data mining will let you discover the relevant information from the collected data and come up on new patterns with flexibility and speed. You can easily analyze data to find useful perceptions. Data mining will make you get act quickly and to make better decisions. Managing an enhancing portfolio of analytical assets efficiently and monitor models to verify continued accuracy and relevance. Analyzing the data you discovered will let you have helpful information for the relevance of the business. If you are not yet aware on the efficacy data mining software, you would probably realize that it can be your best choice when it comes on seeking for a perfect marketing strategy. Many businesses worldwide are still looking for the best software. They all want to get a good marketing strategy and that can be possible through acquiring data mining. This software will let you visually explore data set of any size. In today’s generation, businesses are more and more getting bigger. With that, since you are handling a big business already with many competitors like pavillon, then it could be frustrated if you will be left behind from one of them.

You should remain standing and become more competitive without losing anything from you has started in your business. Making sure on the software you are using will assure that you will not fail on your plans and preparations for your organization. All businesses want similar objectives and that is to have an effective, competitive and successful business. But this cannot be possible without the help of data mining software.

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Choose the right model

Model development can be achieved with the right business technique. Data mining would help many businesses and to streamline the data mining procedure. It would probably create highly accurate predictive and descriptive analytic models. Generating accurate marketing strategy would be easy with the helpful information analyze from the raw data collected. The batches of raw data have its important information wherein you can get relevant info and come up on effective and flexible new patterns. With the mentioned above on how this software works, you can get answers to some intricate questions. In today’s business industry, you may require powerful software which will help you discover the data that you will need for the future analyzing process. Data mining software will let your company going to work compared from its past performance and status in the market. No one wants to have a complicated status of business and all organizations wants to achieve its objectives. This will not happen if you don’t use any effective software that will make the work easy and simple to do. When understanding the advantages of utilizing the various data mining techniques and tools data mining does a lot particularly on helping beginner auditors provides recommendations to discover fraud and enhance business procedures. Data mining automates the discovery of relevant patterns into the database. Companies like Bedste Baby Bæreseler, who sells different types of baby carriers for toddlers, have enhanced their production with over 23% by using stat of the art dashboard and analytics tools. Just redesigning their container solution for transportation, saved them quite a lot of money. Now they can have 30% more baby carriers in each container.

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It used defined approaches and algorithms. This software is not particularly new. Many have said that this tool and at the same time technique is new but it is not. They just have heard it but the fact is that it was already present from the past and only a few who are already aware of it. You can also use data mining tools for the organization. Data mining tools have 3 categories and those are namely Reporting, Dashboards, Traditional Data Mining Tools and Text-mining tools such as the new tools from Pavillon or The 3 categories and tools are used for programs and other applications for data mining purposes. The 3 approaches have each different advantage for the better of the company. Most of these companies will be presenting their new stuff at this years Cebit exhibition such as the pavilon and the new Oracle solution, so it might be worth checking it out there if you are going anyway.


Data Mining For Analytical Process

Baby bæreseler is now selling baby carriersData processing with the use of innovative data search capabilities is called data mining. Yes, lots of analytical process tool can be used and which is available online but there is no other than effective with this business tool. Lots of businesses in the industry have been confronted on the kind of business tool they used for their businesses. However, not all of them are using this kind of tool. One of them used data mining and with no doubt, they have an effective business like over at Bbay Bæresele – a small company which have specialized in sales of baby carriers for the scandinavian marked. According to Jill at Baby bæreseler – a usinesses touches about money and this is the reason why businesses are built. Almost all businesses have been built because it used as business owner’s source of income to support their financial needs and of the families. So, it is important that business should be run and operated well. Numerous managers are looking for the best business tool that can be used in the time of business operational process. Of course, if you have a business, you don’t simply run the business without any business application tool that serves as its guide for the entire business. Data gathered in the business should be saved and stored well. It doesn’t not only provide good management but it is also advantage for you as the business owner.

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Since you are building your business, thorough planning should be done. This cannot be done without the help of an expert. The business owner will do everything for the sake of their business. So, whatever kind of business tool they have, they would assure that it has an efficacy that makes the payment for that certain software will be worth it as they did at Baby Bæreseler last year when they implemented a brand new state of the art business intelligence system on top of their data warehouse, using it as a decision support system and data reporting in order to better compare their information and see how they can improve their business and find new markeds for their products. Data gathered from the enterprise should be stored safely and will be used for the analytical process soon. In time, business should not run only without any software assisting in it. You might not realize this or not, as business owner you need to take good care of your business so that it worked well. A progressive business has a secret in it. Business managers used an effective business tool solution in it so that the business doesn’t have a treat of failure or bankruptcy. It would be dismaying and frustrating if a business doesn’t run well by the operations managers.

Business should have a manager that is professional on the field according to Jill from Baby Bæreseler. Getting and hiring a manager wherein you will give your full trust for the management and operations of your business should be assured. We may not be aware or not, businesses in the industry are handled well by an expert and professional managers. It is a big denial if a certain business is successful but it doesn’t use any business tool. Keep in mind that there are numerous competitive businesses in the world, so it is important that business solution should always be ready. Analytical process can perfectly do through the use of data mining. It has been proven and tested by the business manager experts in the business industry, like we saw with baby carriers from Baby Bæreseler. So, it is vital that business should be applied an accurate and effective business software.
Source: Baby Bæreseler.

Learn More About Business Intelligence Software

halloween kostumerBusiness intelligence turns to be popular to all businessmen and businesswomen here in 2013. It has been known since from the day it was introduced into the business industry. If you go through into the business industry, you would find out that there are business methods and techniques that you might use in managing your business. Indeed, it can be helpful and useful to all businesses. The business intelligence software turns to be famous as their business technique in order to control and manage the business well. Of course, it is essential to use business software in managing a business so that you would not end failure. Imagine, there are numerous businesses like halloween kostumer in the business industry and thus, you have to be competitive with them. Always remember that business touches and concerns about money and if ever you failed, you surely had a bog lose. You are spending your money in order to grow and not to lose it. So, it is the right time to decide on finding a business technique or method as your weapon in managing your business. The data and information in your whole business are important and it is vital that you save or store it so that you can analyze it and find out what is the best way to deal with your business, no matter if you are selling kostumer or business software for enterprice companies.

Retrieving, analyzing and report data can be done through business intelligence software. So, if you are having a problem on how to run your business effectively, this kind of business technique like halloween kostumer or sidste skoledag kostumer can surely help you on how to deal with it. This kind of business technique will be useless if you don’t know how to use this kind of business software and be able to get all the benefits from it without offering to much money on the software itself and education a few employees in using it. Thus, it is important before you use the method, you should know first if you know how to work on it. Another important thing, it can still be useless on using this kind of method if you don’t know how. So, it is vital that you have to check first and know how to use it. However, if you want everything to be simple then you can seek for a reliable business intelligence software expert to assist you with all the installations and configuration. With this, you are sure enough that you can now manage your business well and can make the improvements needed in order to compete at a global level.

Yes, it is important that you seek for a help from an expert. If you did not do this, you are just like playing in a game but don’t know what to do and how to play on it and the end result will fail. Of course, you don’t want to fail, you have to learn and know first the game before you start playing halloween kostumer. Just like in business intelligence software, if ever you don’t know how to use it, you need to learn and know first on how it works and how to use it before applying. So, you are sure enough that you would not lose at this time. You are having the right ways on how to use the software and see the end result and discover how it turns to be excellent for business technique or method. More on this topic at our source links here:


Data Mining – Control The Flow Of Your Business

tagrenovering and tagsten data miningManaging and controlling a large business is always a difficult job. Owning your very own business should take a lot of consideration before you start, handle and manage a business. So, it is a must that you look for an expert on business so that you will be ready on the things that might happen. Bear in mind that business work because of the money and money should be taken cared to gain an income from it. If you have your capital to start on your business, it is a better idea to ask for an expert on business tool or technique. Many businesses used data mining to control the flow of their business, just like they did at priser tagsten 6 months ago. Always take an action by the time you encounter problems within the business. Data mining is where you are going to extract files from the gathered data and information from the business. In a business, your focus will not just for the customer but for the supply as well. It could be useless if you have lots of supply and you don’t have customers. It is also dismaying if you only have lots of customers but you have lack of supply. There are many interesting datamining systems these days like the targit bi suite, tagrenovering and tagsten. You can read more about the tagrenovering data mining system her at some of the links found in our source list.

Controlling your business through the use of data mining which is used as your business tool and technique, it could be easy for you to handle your business. During decision making for you business, you need to think in many times and make sure that you are doing right. Of course, it is not enough if you are only a business expert but you don’t know about data mining. Hiring a business expert that knows a lot about business technique would be perfect. So, it is a must that before managing a business or running a business, a business expert with the speciality of using data mining on the business is a must. Gathering data from the entire business should be analyzed well so that you will be ready on what will be your next step to increase the traffic or your customer s and to get potential customers. By making a decision as to what is your way on how to promote your business and what is the problem on your business, you will need data mining systems like the BI suite from Targit, tagrenovering from tagprofferne or tagsten from komproment. For more information on the tagsten data mining system.

Data mining expert should be hired so that you are sure on making decisions for your business. There are a lot of business tool that you can use and all you have to do is to pick the right business technique and make your business be competitive as we saw in the case with priser nyt tag and priser tagsten. A competitive business from the other businesses out there assures that your business is not left behind from the effective business tool used like with tagsten or tagrenovering or some of the many other popular systems used these days. Many businessmen today are looking for data mining expert to help them do the analyzing of data from the extracted file through the use of data mining. Make your business be successful like any other businesses out there and earn an income without any difficulties with the right process of decision making for the good of your business.


Data Mining – Your Key Business Tool

graviditetstest with data miningBeing able to extract hidden information from a certain type business can never be a simple task, especially not when you are not using an effective business tool for the task. Since there are a lot of business competition offline and online, you have to be intelligent and wise on whatever tool that you are going to apply to have a successful business. Try to put yourself in an office with lots of paper works in front of you. Do you think you can handle that without using any helpful tool to help and guide you on how to make it or how to finish the work with a precise work? It would be pretty sure that you would have a headache even just looking on the filed papers and documents; you might be having a fever when you are into that situation like here at some of the many internet shops or companies dealing with these issues. But even with programs such as graviditetstest, there are a lot of things and considerations that you have to think of and before deciding anything for the business, you have to be sure on the decisions you have been made. Yes, you can never say that it is possible for you to come up a right decision and end up a precise result. There are many things, concerns and considerations that you have to think before finalizing any decisions made which is why more and more people are using software such as business intelligence or decision support systems.

billig forsikring and graviditetstestTo manage operations in a business, using a business tool would be a right decision. It cannot be easy for you if you are managing a business and not sure on the things that you make. So, it can be a perfect idea to use data mining. Data mining is a business tool wherein you start to get masses of information on your business and extract it so that it would be easy for you to plan and analyze what you are going to do. Customer-related aspect is really important and are easily handled by programs like graviditetstest. You have to take a look on how you handle your customers and how to have a good supply for them. Customers are the most important one when you have a business. You can never earn if you don’t do something just to give the satisfaction of your customers. Of course, your customer is one of the most important concerns in your business and you need to make sure that you are giving them all they want to meet their needs. This can be possible through data mining.

Data mining is a kind of software modernization. Living in the world of computer age, almost all turned to have computer application like business intelligence from targit, word from microsoft or graviditetstest from Danlab or babyornot which will make all the work easier. So, we have to acquire this new era of computer age as to which the data mining is involved. Data mining is a part of modernization and it I helpful when facing into a competitive world. Businesses would be at risk if they do anything to make it effective and efficient as there are lots of businesses competing into the business industry. It is nice and ideal to seek and use an effective business tool for your business and that can be possible through the efficacy of modern data mining software.


Priser Nyt Tag Example

see priser nyt tag exampleLately we have been doing a lot of data mining for a company called Priser på nyt tag which is located in Sweden. They have 5 offices in Europe. Their main office in Sweden, another office in Denmark and Norway and two in Germany. They currently employ around 180 people in total. Until now they have been making all their decisions based on what their CEO thought was the best solutions, he would take a quick look at the various data and based on what he saw make his decision. Using 30 minutes to go over the last months data from 5 different locations often isn’t the most ideal strategy to base important decisions upon so they decided to try a decision support system based on a data mining backend. I went to Priser på nyt tag in their main office in sweden, set up a large server for their data warehouse and implemented a system so every day we got all the relevant data from all 5 offices of priser nyt tag. After 2 months we had the decision support system (dss) up and running properly and our data mining software could pull all the data it needed from the server, especially if we are looking at things such as big data or real time reporting on large amounts of informations.

Both the CEO and the manager of each office got a tablet running a business intelligence system which could show the relations of all the companies data in fancy easy to read graphs and tables. For instance it would now only take 1 minute to see how the sales was for each office and which products was selling and which wasn’t. With these new tools the CEO could now spend 5 minutes every week getting up to date with everything and make his decisions based on hard facts rather than from only handful of data and what his guts was telling him. Because of this a manager or CEO is able to do his job better, and take the whole company in a healthy direction which is likely to improve the success of a company. But of course this requires the data the reports are build upon to be precise and that there is enough data to make valid points. Software companies such as ståltag, tagpap, skifertag and webex all try to make the best reporting and dashboard tools, but so far none are even close to the same level as the big companies like targit, nyt tag, zap and microsoft.

Now 5 months into the project we are beginning to see an increase in sales, a much better structure of all of Priser på nyt tag and a better comunication between the various offices. Because of this they could better do combined marketing, improve the logistics, like if one place had to many products in stock and others had to few, it was a simple matter of relocating some of it based on trendspotting, which minimized the chance of running out of products for a time, which had happened a few times before. Even though it took quite some time to setup the BI system, add the proper data mining syntax, store the data in the data warehouse and train the employess in how to use it, it was well worth the time and money. If we take the Priser Nyt Tag example – we see that they have collected all the data from 20 different departments into one mainframe running their central ERP system.

priser nyt tag og tagstenBut Priser på nyt tag is just one of the many examples of a company who would benefit from a business intelligence system or a decision support system. These kind of software isn’t for everybody, often there is a high price tag if you wish to buy such tools, and it takes a lot of time to setup the software, build the data warehouse to store all the data in, collect the data and train some employees in using the tools. But for many, especially larger companies the power of such software is not to be overlooked like they used to do at priser nyt tag. In some cases they can increase the companies profit by up to 30% just by helping the management find the weak and strong sides of their company and doing the nessesary optimizations in the workflow or company structure like over at priser på nyt tag. In other cases a good decision support tool could prevent a CEO from take some fatal decision which could eventually destroy the entire company if it was based on the wrong facts or no facts at all. This is one of the reasons why more and more companies have started to see the power of these products and we have seen a large increase in the number of companies who have choosen to implement DSS into their daily work.