Glucosamine sulphate

One of the most popular products for people suffering from arthritic, is Glucosamine Sulfate. People have for the last 15-20 years been using this dietary supplement to remove some of the pain caused by arthritic.
But does it really work, and why aren’t all doctors recommend this product to people with osteoarthritis?
Let’s start by look at look at what this dietary supplement exactly is.

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What kind of dietary supplement is Glucosamine Sulfate?

Glucosamine is a chemical that occurs in fluid around our joints. It’s also found naturally in the nature for instance in the shells on lobsters, shrimps and crabs. It’s from these sources that we harvest the glucosamine sulfate that we use in dietary supplements.
Glucosamin is an amino acid that comes in three different forms – glucosamine hydrochloride, and N-acetyl-glucosamine and of course Glucosamine Sulfate. Of these three only the last one has been proved to have any effect on people with osteoarthritis. For this reason, most of the test and trails has been made using Glucosamine Sulfate.

Often you don’t just buy Glucosamine Sulfate, but a dietary supplement that contains glucosamine and other stuff such as chondroitin sulfate, MSN or other products, as they seem to increase the effect of glucosamine.
Besides being used by people with arthritic, it’s is also supposed to have a positive effect on other kinds of join pains such as sports injuries, multiple sclerosis, back pain and some even take it as a weight loss product.

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Does Glucosamine Sulfate actually work?

Since people who are suffering from osteoarthritis, normally have a lower level of Glucosamine in their join fluids, it would make sense that taking it as a supplement could help increase these levels again. Glucosamine is used by the body to build and repair the tissues around the joins, and without a high enough level of glucosamine, this process won’t function correctly. When you take a daily amount of glucosamine sulfate and chondroitin sulfate, it has been proven that it can raise the glucosamin levels in your joins and for some people this equals less symptoms from the osteoarthritis.

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According to various studies, not all people benefit from taking glucosamine. Especially if their osteoarthritis has progressed far, then there really aren’t much joint tissues left in the affected joins to rebuild and improve. But also, a lot of people in the early stages of osteoarthritis, has reported little to no effect after a month or two on glucosamine. Others have completely dropped their painkillers and are having a much higher life quality after taking this dietary supplement.
So as with most dietary supplement, it’s a little random who benefits from it and who doesn’t. This is one of the big differences from traditional medicine.

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For an increase effect, you could consider taking it together with other dietary supplement such as chondroitin sulfate, magnesium and omega-3.
Also consider doing some light exercise, as this has also been proven to help lessen the symptoms of osteoarthritis. But remember to speak to a doctor or physiotherapist first, as the wrong types of exercise, could make the problems worse.

If you are into exercise, then here’s a small video with some simple tips to help you can workout even if you are suffering from osteoarthritis.