Is it healthy to use a baby carrier?

These days a lot of parents are carrying their baby around in a baby carrier. But is this healthy for the kid? Or the parents for that matter? There has been a lot of talk regarding the benefits of baby carriers lately. And with good reason. A lot of people who had been using baby carriers 15 years ago, often noticed that a lot of children, didn’t seem to like being in the baby carriers for a long time (more than 30 min.) These days this makes a lot more sense. If you use a non-ergonomic baby carrier, like many of the older models, the child sits up in a straight position. This position put a lot of stress on the childs lower back and his hips. This is ok for a short time, but over a longer periode it becomes really hard, and even painful for the baby. Search for bedst in test baby carriers or bæreseler, in order to see which models are healty and ergonomic and which you should stay away from. I wouldn’t recommend models like BeCute or Childhome babycarriers.

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Ergonomic baby carriers are important

Modern baby carriers are more ergonomic, which means that the child is placed in a more natural M-position, which is similar to the position the baby before it was born. This position is much more comfortably for child. In addition to changing the sitting position, a lot of other ergonomic improvements have been made to modern baby carriers. Not only for the child, but also for the person wearing the carrier. Modern carriers like the popular Ergobaby 360, or Baby Bæreseler, are now very comfortably to use for the parents too. They are much better at spreading out the weight of the child, so he or she doesn’t feel quite as heavy to carry around. Also the improved paddings on the straps helps a lot.

These day you can easily put your baby in an Ergobaby 360 baby carrier, and carry him or her around for an hour, and barely notice you are carring your child.

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Other benefits of using a baby carrier

In fact there are quite a few benefits to using such a type of baby gear. All parents know that your child is more relaxed when you carry him around. Not only because of the smooth rocking motions when you carry the child, but also because the baby can better see it’s mother or father, maybe even hear their heartbeat, things which have a soothing effect on the child.
The good news is that you can get all of these benefits too, by placing the baby in a baby carrier like Baby Bæreseler. Then you can carry the child around, but have your hands free to do other stuff. Like cleaning your home, doing some shopping or using your computer, all while carrying your kid around in your babycarriers.

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When you need to go somewhere, like going shopping most parents use a baby stroller or carriage. But many place it’s not very practical. Like small tiny shops, crowded places or if you need to go of the road for some reason. In these situations, a baby carrier like Bæresele, is often much more practical. But again, it also depends on how long a trip it is, and the quality of the carrier. I wouldn’t go on a 3 hour trip with my lille one in a carrier, but for one 1 hour I would prefer it over the baby stroller.

Ergobaby bæresele 360 til din baby

So basically it often a good idea to use a baby carrier. While it wasn’t that healthy 15 years ago, to use these products, now it’s quite safe if you buy a good model like Ergobaby, Baby Bæreseler, BabyBjørn or one of the many other top models.

A little tip from me, is to put your child in a carrier, and go for a good long walk every evening. It’s a good way to get the child to relax before bedtime, and it’s a nice way to get a little often much needed exercise. Something which is often really hard to find the time for, as a new parent.