Should you be using a baby carrier like bæresele og ergobaby?

Why use a baby carrier?

Nowadays, it’s the vast majority of parents who buy a baby carrier like ergobaby bæresele for their toddler. Baby wearers are currently some of the most used and hottest when talking baby equipment or baby gear. It should not be regarded as a replacement for a stroller or stroller, but as a supplement to it. There are still many places where it can be quite difficult to get around with a baby carriage, and here a baby harness will often be much more useful. Not only that, a wearing harness can also be incredibly useful at home, where you want to carry around your child, yet have your hands free for different tasks. Not too many years ago, the wearer was something most considered a bit of an alternative piece of baby equipment, but nowadays it’s one of the most popular in babyting. In general, it is said that there are 3 types of things to carry his child to the body with – the wearer, wobbles and wrists (tight and stretch wrap). If it’s cold ourside remember to use some good baby gloves too.

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The benefits of a baby Carrier

There are many good reasons to consider a carry harness. First, it’s healthy for your child to be close to his mother or father. It actually means that you raise your child and carry on it. Something that often causes the child to settle down. Unfortunately, we can not do much else when we carry the child. This problem solves the wearer, as you can still carry your child while keeping your arms free of other things. Another advantage of braces is when you need places where the stroller or car seat is not particularly useful to drag around. For example, Be a walk in the Danish nature, where you get a little away from the usual roads and trails, or when shopping at the small shops in the city. Here the wearer will make it much easier to get around with his baby. But is it healthy to use a baby carrier? The short answer is a big yes.

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Ergobaby or baby bæresele?

Should you go with the traditional Ergobaby carrier, or the newer Baby Bæresele? Not an easy choice, as Ergobaby makes some really good ergonomic baby carriers, but the new brand Baby Bæreseler are a strong newcomer with great prices and a high quality on their baby products.

Baby Carrier or Baby Carriage?

Should you buy a baby carrier or a baby carriage when transporting your child? Most parents can advantageously invest in both. The stroller is good for an extra bed or if you are going for a longer trip. It can be quite hard to carry around for an infant for a long time. Especially if the child is a little older. But there will be other times when the wearer will be preferable. Eg. in a full train, or if you are out of places where a stroller will have trouble coming forward. Here, a baby carrier will be a good and effective solution.

bæresele, strækvikle eller babyslynge?

Can you get a baby carrier for your infant?

I have often heard the question – can I have a baby carrier for my toddler? And the answer is, you can actually do that. A baby carrier for infants, is often not quite different from those you buy for the slightly bigger children. However, they are usually a bit smaller, or it’s an adjustable carrier, the size of which can be adapted to your child’s age. In fact, braces for babies are a good thing, as this is where they make the most of them. The child feels most safe when it is close to her mother and can see her mother’s face. Keep in mind that infants have a very limited vision when compared to when they grow older. So the fact that the child is close to his mother is therefore a really good thing and a big advantage of using a baby seat. You can also choose to buy a specific baby harness for the little ones, often called newborns. But for many, an adjustable harness will often be a better choice since it can be used for a long time and usually also more comfortable for both you and your child. Some models like an Ergobaby Adapt baby harness can be adapted to the child according to age, and therefore do not need extra baby effort.

Normally, one says that a baby should be able to support his head even before wearing a baby seat. However, there are models or adjustable models that can also be used for infants or newborns.

Carrying age

A question many parents ask is before what age can my child use a carrier? Often a child should be about 4 months old before it can start to support the neck itself, thus wearing a traditional carrying strap. If you buy a harness for a child under 4 months, make sure you have one with good head restraint as it can not hold your head.
If the child is under 6 months, it is recommended that you wear a wearing harness where the child’s face turns toward her parents and after the 6 months one where the child looks out and can enjoy the view of the great exciting world out there.

Carrying seat to the back

Most wearing belts are designed to have the child in front. Either with the face towards his parents or even out to. However, it is also possible to have a carrying strap to carry your child on his back. These are especially good when you are on the longer trips. Abroad, this model is really popular, but here in Denmark, we have not yet begun to wear back straps so much.

Typically, the wearer is used until one’s child is about 1 year old, but in some cases a little longer. Keep in mind that the older your child becomes, the heavier it will also carry on. A child of 1 year, will often be a hard load for the back to carry round.